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Giant Advertising Balloons

Advertising Blimps - Marketing

Giant Advertising Balloons and Blimps!

Why use Advertising Blimps?

There are all kinds of ways to advertise your business, sale, show, parade or event. Why would you want to use an advertising blimp?
If you need "Instant Traffic" at a specific location you would want to use an advertising blimp. One of our blimps act like a giant sign in the sky. If you have a Big Event and you need to attract attention you really need to try one of our giant advertising blimps.
Advertising blimps are very cost-effective. For the price of a small one time ad in the newspaper on 30 seconds on the radio you can own a blimp for use over and over again.
Your blimp can honestly cost you a few dollars a day to use, including the purchase price.
If you take reasonable care of your polyurethane helium advertising blimp it will give you hundreds of days of advertising.
A giant sign 120 feet in the air for a few dollars a day!
You need to try one of our advertising blimps!

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Advertising Blimp - 20ft. KOOL RADIO logo Advertising Blimp - 11ft. Ford Country logo
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Advertising blimps for Less!

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Advertising Balloons Bring in Traffic!

What do advertising blimps, advertising balloons, and advertising inflatables all have in common? When it comes to advertising they can place you above the rest. All three forms of advertising are cost effective and produce good value for your advertising dollars.

Advertising balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes from small enough for a child to carry to 30 feet which is large enough to be seen from quite a distance. They can be tethered to a building or location or grouped around a special product or promotion. The smaller advertising balloons cost pennies and are very effective for branding your product and your company.

We've all seen the large advertising blimps floating through the sky presenting their message load and clear. How often do you see people stop and look up, or even when they are driving you'll see them glance up. That's because advertising blimps get peoples attention. Constructed from heavy duty polyurethane they are either kept afloat with a blower or helium. They can float or be tethered to a secure structure. They come in sizes ranging from 11 feet to 30 feet. If you want your adverting blimps to get noticed go Big!

Advertising inflatables are really just another name for advertising blimps or advertising balloons. They are available in the traditional balloon design and they are also available in what is referred to as dynamic advertising inflatables. These inflatables dance, jump, and bounce around so getting the attention of potential customers is pretty easy!

Giant advertising balloons, advertising inflatables, and advertising blimps are going to get your company and your product noticed. The message they present is entirely up to you. Looking for brand recognition? Want to brand your company name? Have a new product or a terrific promotional sale you'd like to advertise?

Use these huge floating billboards to get the impact you want today!

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