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Advertising Blimp Sizes

Advertising Blimps - Marketing Solutions

Advertising Blimps - Sizes and Prices

What size advertising blimp do you need?
Is the blimp going to be used outdoors or indoors? We sell many blimps for tradeshows.
How far away is the traffic you are trying to attract?
Do you need to go REALLY BIG for a promotion?
Radio Station?
Car Dealer?
Do you need to change the message on your advertising blimp?
Do you have a place you can store an inflated blimp?
Do you have a particular person responsible for the care of the blimp?
Are there obstructions near where you wish to fly your advertising blimps?
Is it very windy?
Higher than 30mph

Let us help you choose the proper advertising blimps for your needs.

Our polyurethane advertising blimps are lighter, stronger and more helium retentive than any other blimp on the market.
Our colors are more brillant!
Our blimps use less helium!
Digital Printing is available!
Our advertising blimps are manufactured by us in the USA!

We have earned people's business for over 20 years and we would like the opportunity to earn your's!

Blimp 30ft. - MCI logo Advertising Blimp - 14ft. RWB stripes
Advertising blimps 20ft.- Olympic Ford logo Advertising Blimp - 17ft. Subway Logo

Advertising Blimps - Correct Size

Click Here to Email Tom for advertising blimps!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Advertising Blimps!

Giant Advertising Balloons

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phone: 800-791-1445 fax: 602-938-9496

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