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Advertising Blimps - Giant Signs

Advertising Blimps - Signs in the Sky!

Helium advertising blimp - 14ft. RWB color advertising blimp - 14ft. - Capital Dodge logo
Advertising Blimp - 20ft. KIA logo advertising blimp-14ft. simple lettering

Advertising Blimps Make Money!

Advertising Balloons and advertising blimps are used by numerous businesses. Do they really work?
The largest users of advertising balloons and advertising blimps are auto dealers, cellular phone companies, small businesses, trade shows and restaurants. Most of these businesses try to locate on busy streets and need to distinguish their store. How can they do that?

Advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables in a logical solution. Advertising balloons and advertising blimps seem to create an atmosphere of an event or other positive happening. You see advertising balloons in all shapes and sizes. Giant gorilla advertising balloons to a huge parade size helium angel advertising balloon can really put a business on the top of a person's mind.

Look at the Saturday newspaper. What do you see in the auto ads? Everyone is fighting for to be first in line and the biggest, most eye-catching advertisement. Advertising balloons seem to be a subtle to not so subtle inducement to get you to stop and pay attention or at the very least acknowledge the business is there. At 40mph you literally are past the business in seconds. To get your attention a business must do something different, something out of the ordinary or they have missed their opportunity. Advertising balloons may be whimsical, outrageous, patriotic, or seasonal but all are trying for just that second to say, "Hey look at me".

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